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Dodge Viper Generation 1 (1992 - 1995) Cylinder Head Flow Data

Viper Gen 1 Head Viper Gen 1 Combustion Chamber

Comparitive Analysis - Stock Viper Generation 1 heads and Ned ported heads

Intake Port Flow

Viper Gen 1- intake flow comparison

Increasing Intake Port Airflow by 1 CFM can produce .27 HP per cylinder or 2.7 HP in a V10 engine (50 CFM x .27 x 10 = 148 HP)

Exhaust Port Flow

Viper Gen 1 - exhaust flow comparison

Cylinder Head Porting Modifications performed by Ned Erkman and Cylinder Head Machining Modifications Performed by Serge Tourikian
All Viper Cylinder Head Modifications and Flow Testing conducted at Rolling Thunderz
* Flow test data rounded to the nearest 5 CFM and accurate to within 3 CFM on our Superflow 600 Flow Bench.

Viper Gen 1 heads