The Velocity Injection MD-AWD1750-DE Dynamometer is the newest All Wheel Drive chassis dynamometer custom built by Mustang Dyno for Velocity \injection based on our design specifications and performance requirements to test the most powerful ad fastest vehicles in the world. Our dyno has the capability to dyno test rear wheel drive, front wheel drive and all wheel drive and can handle ANY vehicle that can be driven onto it.

Whether it's a Exotic European Super Car, a 2200 horsepower drag race car, or an all original numbers matching show car, our state of the art dyno will provide you with incredibly valuable information about your ride, information that can be used to make the right decisions about engine modifications and tuning adjustments to optimize the performance of your vehicle.

This dyno is one of the most technologically advanced dynomometers in the world with special engine and vehicle testing capabilities that you simply can't find using any other dyno.

3500 Horsepower & 250 MPH Testing Capability
All Wheel Drive Chassis Dyno

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Check out the Viper on the dyno

Our super high tech chassis dyno can also test the top speed of a vehicle and provide accurate quarter mile test results that are proven to be accurate to within one tenth of a second in elapsed time (0.1 second ET).

Want to see how quick your ride can cover the 1/4 mile?

The incredible quarter mile testing capability of our dyno provides you with an unbelievably accurate assessment of what you will run at the drag strip.

You can put any tune in the car you want. Run nitrous? Turbo's? Superchargers? No problem, this dyno will provide you with valuable information about the power your engine produces, information that you can use to your advantage.

If you want to determine the top speed of your vehicle, this dyno can accomodate speeds up to 250 MPH / 400 KPH with the capabllity of factoring in the aerodynaic drag flow coefficient of the vehicle during top speed testing to provide reality with results. With a 250 mph capability, this dyno is more than just a pretty face.

Dyno Service Rates:

Dyno testing rates start at $150 per hour

Dyno testing and quarter mile testing combined is $200

Quarter mile testing is $200. One free practice run and two test runs per session. Each additional quarter mile run is $30 per test.

Group and volume discounts are available on request (minimum of 3 vehicles - call for pricing).

Dynamoeter can be reserved by the hour or by the day for intensive test sessions. A qualified dyno operator is at your service. Please call for rates

How accurate is our dyno? Check out the video to find out: