Super Cylinder Heads

The best engine performance is delivered by the best cylinder head performance which makes Cylinder Heads the most important engine component for power production.

The performance of any engine can be improved by technologically advanced cylinder head porting modifications and all cylinder heads can be modified to deliver more power and better engine performance, including CNC ported heads. Although CNC ported cylinder heads are believed to be a finished product that has been ported to perfection; the reality is more porting and polishing can be performed by cylinder head experts who specialize in developing custom modified cylinder heads; that exceed the performance capability of CNC ported heads to produce superior engine power. CNC porting or Computer Numerical Control porting is a machining operation that copies cylinder head modifications that were developed by someone who hand ported a head which makes the CNC ported copy only as good as the product produced by the original development work. Accurate CNC machining is not more important than the quality of the cylinder head development work itself which is proven when a great copy of an average cylinder head porting modification does not deliver the best performance. The one cylinder head CNC modification fits all service with the same CNC ported head being used for different engine sizes and power adders such as nitrous, superchargers and turbo chargers is not best suited for all the different engine applications. This is the reason custom cylinder head modification services are required to deliver better performance.

We know that not all cylinder head modification services deliver the same results or even good results. The facts are that regular porting modifications and standard valve jobs can deliver moderate performance gains whereas high-tech valve jobs and high quality custom porting modifications that flow more high velocity air can develop significantly more engine power & deliver superior engine performance.

Rolling Thunderz are cylinder head experts that specialize in custom cylinder head modification services that are proven to deliver superior engine performance.

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